Holder Pressure Filtering 142mm


RM 37,633.00


Stainless steel type 304 or 316 minimizes resistance and maximizes flow rate


Pressure filtration holders maximize flow rates by applying positive pressure to the fluid over a broad membrane surface. Holders are autoclavable with one filter membrane that is sealed with removable wing nuts. All holders vent to release pressure.

Holders have PTFE gaskets, silicone O-rings, and PTFE-coated photoetched stainless steel support screens to prevent nitrocellulose membranes from sticking.

Stainless Steel Holders with Reservoir let you filter samples without a separate pressure-dispensing vessel. The 47-mm holder has a 200-mL capacity, the 90-mm holder has a 750-mL capacity, and the 142-mm holders have a 1500-mL capacity.

Specifications & Description

  • Material304 Stainless Steel
  • Filter Diameter (mm)142
  • Prefilter Diameter (mm)124
  • Filtration Area (cm²)113
  • Max Pressure (PSI)71
  • Max Pressure (bar)4.9
  • Adapter Size (included)Inlet: 1/4″ NPT(F) to 7-13mm ID; Outlet: 3/4″ NPT(F) to 11mm ID
  • Height (in)23
  • Height (cm)58.42
  • Diameter (in)7.25
  • Diameter (cm)18.415
  • Description304 SS Pressure Filtration Holder w/ Reservoir, 142 mm
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