Ultrafiltration 10K MWCO 24/pk


RM 1,478.00


Concentrate, separate, and purify your biological samples without a centrifuge
  • Three molecular weight cutoffs
  • 40 times maximum concentration


24 retentive cells, 24 filtrate cells, and 4 reusable caps.


These disposable ultrafiltration units are designed for ease in concentrating, separating, or otherwise purifying small volumes (<2 mL) of liquid samples, on the basis of molecular weight cutoff using positive pressure. The unit is constructed of polypropylene cap, acrylic retentive cell, and filtrate cell. Filter media is polysulfone. To use, simply dispense sample into the retentive cell by pipette, place cap on retentive cell, and inject 10 mL of air with a syringe. Remove cap to stop filtration. Sterilization: 25% ethanol, 5% formalin.

Specifications & Description

  • Maxi Pressure (Mpa)0.29
  • Max Pressure (PSI)43
  • Nominal Molecular Weight Limit (Mwl) (Dalton)10000
  • Max Temperature (° F)122
  • Filtration Area (cm²)2.0
  • Max Pressure (bar)2.9
  • Hold-Up Volume (mL)0.02
  • Max Molecular Weight Cut Off (Mwco) (Dalton)10000
  • Max Temperature (° C)50
  • Min Volume Range (mL)0.02
  • Max Volume Range (mL)2
  • DescriptionDisposable Ultrafiltration Unit, 10K MWCO, pack of 24
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