Super Flangeless Nut, Standard Knurl, Short, Natural PEEK, 1/32in or 1/16in OD Tubing,


RM 44.00


Combine with Super Flangeless™ ferrule for a high pressure holding flat-bottom fitting assembly
  • Eliminates tubing twist that can loosen connections Resistant to loosening through vibration
  • Standard knurl, short
  • Natural PEEK
  • 1/EA


Super Flangeless™ nuts combined with ferrules are an excellent choice for tubing assemblies and will stay tight even through vibration. Ferrules come with lock ring to hold the ferrule in place, preventing the nuts from sliding off in tubing assemblies. The lock ring also allows tightening without twisting the tubing.

Pressure rating of nut depends on ferrule used.

Specifications & Description

  • Fitting Material: PEEK
  • Connection Type: HPLC/Chromatography
  • Thread size UNF(M) (port 1) (in): 1/4-28 flat bottom
  • Compression Size / Tube Od (Port 1) (in): 1/32
  • Color: Natural
  • Description: Super Flangeless™ Nut, Standard Knurl, Short, Natural PEEK, 1/32″ or 1/16″ OD Tubing, 1/4-28 Flat Bottom; 1/EA
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