Idex 65015 Chromatography Tubing, PEEKsil, 1/16in OD x 50 um ID x 15 cm L, Natural, 5/PK


RM 912.00


Combines strength, consistency and biocompatibility
  • Fused silica covered by PEEK
  • Precut to standard lengths for convenience
  • 1/16″ OD x 50 µm ID x 15 cm L


In many analytical systems, PEEKsil tubing can be used as a direct replacement for conventional PEEK or stainless steel tubing. The fused silica core forms a rigid fluid pathway with extremely low adsorption, outstanding chemical compatibility, and extremely tight tolerances. The PEEK sheathing is very strong and seals well with many fitting types.

Do not cut PEEKsil tubing. Conventional cutters can cause permanent damage. Use precut lengths only.

Specifications & Description

  • Tubing Formulation: PEEK/Silica
  • Length (“): 6
  • Tubing OD (in): 5/8
  • Tubing OD (mm): 1.588
  • Tubing ID (in): 1/500
  • Tubing ID (mm): 0.05
  • Color: Natural
  • Max Pressure (PSI): 20000
  • Max Pressure (bar): 1379
  • Length (ft): 0.492
  • Length (m): 0.15
  • Description: Chromatography Tubing, PEEKsil™, 1/16″ OD x 50 µm ID x 15 cm L, Natural; 5/PK
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