Immunoplate Round 60/cs


RM 3,865.00


Four surfaces with different degree of hydrophilicity, ideal for solid phase immunoassays (ELISA)
  • Engineered for easy/reproducible passive absorption
  • Certified homogeneity of binding


The PolySorp surface is hydrophobic for binding biomolecules that have hydrophobic properties. New MediSorp is slightly hydrophilic and binds proteins with a mixed hydrophilic/hydrophobic composition. This special surface provides an ideal balance of high protein absorption for coating yet low assay non-specific binding. MaxiSorp is still more hydrophilic. It is optimized for binding immunoglobulin but also binds a wide range of other proteins. New MultiSorp is the most hydrophilic surface offered. It binds biomolecules with a hydrophilic composition such a glycoproteins and glycans. Standard 96-well format/ 86 x 128 mm.

Specifications & Description

  • Number of Wells: 96
  • Well Volume (mL): 0.3
  • Well Shape: Round
  • Surface Treatment: MaxiSorp┬«
  • Description: Immunoplates 96-Well Plate, Maxisorp, Round 0.3 mL; 60/Cs
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