Thermo Scientific Accucore HPLC Column, C-18, 4.0 um Particle Size, 15 cm x 4.6 mm


RM 9,831.00


High-speed, high-resolution separations
  • Solid core with porous outer layer allow fast and efficient separations without excessive back pressure
  • Controlled automated production processes result in reproducible yet rugged columns
  • Compatible with most HPLC instruments


These HPLC columns feature Core Enhanced Technology™ solid-core particles, reducing band broadening to improve resolution and sensitivity compared to fully porous particles. Tight control of particle size distribution creates a uniform and stable packed bed able to withstand temperature and pH extremes. Separation efficiency is comparable to < 2 µm fully-porous particles, but these columns do not generate comparable back pressure, so they are compatible with most standard HPLC systems.

Accucore C18 columns use hydrophobic interactions to separate a broad range of analytes and provide optimum retention of nonpolar compounds..

Specifications & Description

  • Column Length (mm): 150
  • Column Inside Diameter (ID) (mm): 4.6
  • Column Particle Size (µm): 4
  • Description: HPLC Column, C-18, 4.0 um Particle Size, 15 cm x 4.6 mm
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