Thermo Scientific Hypersil 25003-052130 GOLD Column - Length 50mm, 2.1mm ID, 3µm particle size


RM 7,579.00


Achieve exceptional peak shake and resolution of your HPLC and LC/MS application
  • Significant reduction in peak tailing
  • Excellent resolution, efficiency, and sensitivity


Thermo Scientific Hypersil GOLD Columns are silica-based and contain an even surface, reducing unwanted secondary and tertiary interactions. This reduction of interactions reduces peak tailing while maintaining C18 selectivity. The excellent peak symmetry leads to improved sensitivity, allowing for easier peak integration calculations. Stable in a pH range of 1 to 11.

Specifications & Description

  • Phase: Reverse
  • Carbon Loading: 11%
  • Column Length (cm): 3
  • Column Length (mm): 30
  • Column Inside Diameter (ID) (mm): 2.1
  • Column Particle Size (µm): 3
  • Wetted Materials: Spherical, Fully Porous, Ultrapure Silica
  • End Cap: Yes
  • Max Pressure (PSI): 5800
  • Min Operating Temperature (° C): 60
  • Max Operating Temperature (° C): 60
  • Applications: LC/MS
  • Description: GOLD Column – Length 50mm, 2.1mm ID, 3µm particle size
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