Cole-Parmer Rotator variable speed 230 VAC (CP/P-00077-02)

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  • Adjustable angle of rotation mixes samples effectively with gentle or vigorous motion
  • A variety of tube holder discs allows customization for your application
  • Integrated drip tray prevents workspace spills
  • Shaking Angle  Adjustable
  • Max Speed (rpm) 20; Min Speed (rpm)  2

These rotators mix cultures without damaging cells. Adjustable rotation angle features a scale for reproducible results, and provides gentle horizontal mixing to turbulent vertical end-over-end mixing. Operate in incubators up to 40°C and in cold rooms down to 4°C.

Choose from six tube holders to suit your application (order separately). Tools are not required to quickly and easily remove and replace tube holders. Optional dual disc adapter (00077-23) mounts two tube holders together to increase capacity.