Oil Content Analyzer 220V (CP/OO/O/P-82900-05)


RM 109,769.00


Routine analysis of oil residuals

Specifications & Description

  • Pathlength (mm)200 mm
  • Photometric Readout TypesAbsorbance, concentration
  • Min Photometric – Absorbance (A)0
  • Max Photometric – Absorbance (A)1
  • Detector Pyroelectric
  • Output RS-232
  • Display TypeLCD
  • Width (cm)25
  • Height (cm)20
  • Depth (cm)28.5
  • Width (in)9 51/64
  • Height (in)7 29/32
  • Depth (in)11 1/5
  • Power (VAC)100 to 240
  • DescriptionOil Content Analyzer, 100 -240 VAC


The Horiba OCMA-550 analyzer simplifies measurement of oil in water or soil for a wide variety of applications. Use this precision instrument for surveying water quality and hazardous waste sites, industrial wastewater monitoring, post-cleaning discharge analysis, and measuring adherent oil residuals on textiles and metal parts.

Use S-316 solvent to quantitatively extract sample. The oil / solvent solution is then simply transferred to the OCMA-550 analyzer for single-button measurement. Analysis is based on infrared (IR) spectral data, with peak integration (at approximately 3.4 µm) to determine oil concentration. S-316 solvent is non-absorbant at this IR wavelength, so only oil is measured. Accurately measures oil down to 0.1 ppm. Auto-calibrates after initial standard reading.

Use built-in time stamping to document results. Read results on LCD or transfer data using parallel printer port or to computer via RS-232. S-316 solvent can be recycled using Solvent Reclaimer SR-300 (82900-20), sold separately below.

What’s included: Quartz cell with cap, power cord, B-heavy oil (standard), 2 amp fuse, 10 mL syringe and 25 µL syringe.

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