Desiccator Electronic 220V (CP/OO/O/P-08909-25)


RM 16,024.00


Reduces RH to <25% – ideal for electronic component storage
– Horizontal or vertical orientations
– Airtight-seal construction
– Built-in hygrometer

Basic Desiccator Cabinets feature an air-tight sealed construction for optimal control of humidity levels. Gasket is constructed of closed cell EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). Cabinet construction provides resistance to staining and crazing. Cabinets have built-in hygrometer for monitoring humidity levels. Crystal polystyrene shelves are perforated for maximum air circulation. Stackable desiccators are ideal for small laboratories where space is limited. Choose from vertical or horizontal models.
Autodesiccator Cabinets have the same features as basic desiccator cabinets, plus completely automatic, continual desiccation capabilities. Autodesiccator cabinets regenerate every 20 minutes to ensure constant RH levels. Two fans supply continuous air flow within the cabinet and continuously exhaust humid air. Choose from vertical or horizontal stacking cabinets. These cabinets include 3-ft cord with plug; 115 VAC models have standard U.S. plug, and 220 VAC models have European plug.

Specifications & Description
Chamber Volume (cu ft) – 1.9
Chamber Volume (Liters) – 53.8
Exterior Width (in) – 13.5
Exterior Height (in) – 20.4
Exterior Depth (in) – 16
Exterior Width (cm) – 34.3
Exterior Height (cm) – 51.8
Exterior Depth (cm) – 40.6
Material – Polystyrene, EPDM
Orientation – Vertical
Color – Clear
Power (VAC) – 230
Description – Autodesiccator cabinets, 1.9 cu. ft. Vertical; 220 VAC