Mixer 1725RPM 115/230V (CP/OO/O/P-04318-10)


RM 13,668.00


Heavy-duty mixers for mixing contents of 55-gallon drums and barrels—choose from three mounting styles


5/8″ (16 mm) dia, 316 SS shaft; 3-3/4″ (95 mm) dia (max), 316 SS folding impeller (drum-lip and NPT(M) mount models); or 4″ (102 mm) dia, 316 SS fixed impeller (C-clamp models). Note: these mixers do not include power cords.


These high-quality mixers are available in three mounting versions for heavy-duty mixing. Adjustable hand screws secure the drum-lip model to the rim of 55-gallon (200 liter) drums. The C-clamp model mounts to any open head tank or drum and allows you to adjust the angle of the mixer. The 2″ NPT(M) mount model screws directly into a standard 2″ (51 mm) female bung to keep odors in and debris out.
Drum-lip and NPT(M) mount models include a folding impeller to pass through bung that attaches to the shaft with set screw and opens to a maximum diameter of 33⁄4″ (95 mm) during operation. C-clamp models include a 4″ (102 mm) fixed impeller, and are intended for use with an open tank. All mixers deliver maximum speed of 1725 rpm.

Specifications & Description

  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Min Speed (rpm): 1725
  • Max Speed (rpm): 1725
  • Mounting Type: Drum-lip clamp
  • Max Torque (in-oz): 144
  • Impeller Size (in): 3.75
  • Impeller Size (mm): 95.25
  • Shaft Diameter (in): 0.625
  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 15.88
  • Shaft Length (in): 33.125
  • Shaft Length (mm): 841.38
  • Power (Phase): 1
  • Power (VAC): 115/230
  • Power (Hz): 60
  • Motor hp: 1/4
  • Description: Drum/barrel heavy-duty mixer with drum lip mounting; 1/4 hp, 115/230 VAC