Grind Media Burundum 3250/pk (CP/OO/O/P-04150-00)


RM 6,108.00


Cylindrically shaped for fast, fine grinding and dispersion
  • Package is 5 lbs, regardless of piece count


Use Burundum™ or Zirconia media for both wet and dry grinding. They resist chemicals, thermal shock, mechanical shock, and are nonporous, nonconductive, and nonmagnetic. Media with 1/2″ dia or smaller pieces are excellent for liquid-based dispersion; media with 13/16″ dia pieces are best for grinding dry materials and for general lab use; use media with 1-1/4″ dia pieces for grinding and crushing large particles. Burundum media are more economical; however, zirconia media have a higher density and will mill approximately twice as fast and last twice as long as Burundum media.
Piece count is an approximation and will vary based on average weight of media.

Specifications & Description

  • MaterialBurundum
  • DescriptionBurundum Grinding Media, Cylindrical, 1/4″ Dia x 1/4″ H; ~3250/Pk