Dewar Flask 25L


RM 13,754.00


Superior vacuum performance and insulation provide maximum holding times
  • Sealed vacuum space between inner and outer shells
  • Outer shell is constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum
  • 25 liter capacity with 109 day static-hold time


Vacuum space is filled with technologically advanced insulation. Necktube core minimizes liquid nitrogen losses.

Optional roller base lets you easily move larger capacity storage Dewars. Sturdy cast-aluminum frame has five wheels with ball-bearing swivel casters.

Specifications & Description

  • Volume (Liters): 25
  • Neck Inside Diameter (ID) (in): 2 1/2
  • Neck Inside Diameter (ID) (cm): 6.4
  • Outside Diameter (OD) (in): 15
  • Outside Diameter (OD) (cm): 39.7
  • Static Holding Time (days): 109
  • Evaporation (Liters/day): 0.23
  • Height (in): 25 13/16
  • Height (cm): 65.5
  • Description: Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 25 L, 109 day static hold time
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