Hot Plate 6x6 Aluminum 240V (CP/OO/O/P-03400-02)


RM 4,938.00


High-heat conductivity provides excellent thermal uniformity over the entire heating surface


models 03400-00 through 03452-00 are supplied with a 6-ft, three-wire cord with U.S. standard plug. Cord and plug are not included with high-wattage models 03460-00 and 03462-00; they must be connected through a system.


Hot plates feature a sturdy stainless steel case that resists spills and corrosion and supports heavy loads. The 6-1/4” x 6-1/4” hot plates have a 20 lb maximum load capacity; all other models have a 40 lb maximum load capacity.
Heating surface resists warping and buckling. Embedded heating elements provide better heat transfer and have a longer life than ”open-coil” designs. Perforated side plates on the 12” x 12” and 24” x 24” hot plates allow air circulation—keep controls cool to the touch. For added safety, an indicator lights up when power is supplied to the heating element.

Specifications & Description

  • Top Plate Length (in)6 1/4
  • Top Plate Width (in)6 1/4
  • Top Plate Length (cm)15.9
  • Top Plate Width (cm)15.9
  • Top Plate MaterialAluminum
  • Min Temperature (° F)100
  • Max Temperature (° F)700
  • Min Temperature (° C)38
  • Max Temperature (° C)371
  • Temperature Accuracy (° F)±4.0°
  • Temperature Accuracy (° C)±2.0°
  • Max Load Capacity (lbs)20
  • Max Load Capacity (kg)9.07
  • Length (in)7
  • Width (in)6
  • Height (in)4
  • Length (cm)19.3675
  • Width (cm)16.8275
  • Height (cm)11.1125
  • Power (VAC)240
  • Power (Hz)50/60
  • Power (watts)750
  • Power (amps)3.3
  • DescriptionCast-Aluminum Hot Plate, 6-1/4″ x 6-1/4″, 240 VAC