Flowmeter Aluminum/Glass (CP/OO/O/P-03216-04)


RM 855.00


Read more easily with 16% magnification of scale
  • Correlated flowmeters feature a generic scale—reference flow curves calibrated to a variety of media, temperatures and pressures to get the flow rate│Use with a variety of media for laboratory and industrial applications


Each flowmeter consists of a heavy-walled glass flowtube mounted in a frame with white acrylic back plate (1/8″ thick). Aluminum Flowmeters are economical and good for general use with noncorrosive gases and liquids. Brass Flowmeters are economical and good for use with water. 316 Stainless Steel Flowmeters feature excellent chemical compatibility.

Select a flowmeter with a high-resolution valve for superior flow rate control—ideal for low-flow applications or for any application where you need precise flow control. All flowmeters come with correlation data sheets for water and air at standard temperature and pressure (STP). We can also supply calibration data for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, CO2, argon, other liquids and gases, and for conditions other than STP — call our Application Specialists for more information.

Specifications & Description

  • Accuracy: ±2% full-scale
  • Repeatability: ±0.25%
  • Max Pressure (PSI): 200
  • Max Air Flow Rate (mL/min): 48.7
  • Max Argon Flow Rate (mL/min): 38
  • Max CO2 Flow Rate (mL/min): 59.2
  • Max H2 Flow Rate (mL/min): 99
  • Max Water Flow Rate (mL/min): 0.55
  • Max Helium Flow Rate (mL/min): 47
  • Max N2 Flow Rate (mL/min): 51
  • Max O2 Flow Rate (mL/min): 46
  • Max Flow Rate (mL/min): 48.7
  • Material Flow Tube: Borosilicate glass
  • Material Fitting: Aluminum
  • Material Valve: Aluminum
  • Material O-Ring: Buna-N
  • Material Float: Glass
  • Material Housing: Aluminum
  • Valve: Yes
  • Max Operating Temperature (° F): 250
  • Max Operating Temperature (° C): 121
  • Process Connection (NPT(F)): 0
  • Description: 65-mm Correlated Flowmeter, w/ valve, aluminum, 48.7 mL/min air