Flowmeter Shielded Tube Size 5 (CP/OO/O/P-03205-20)

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This product is has been discontinued and no longer available to be purchased. For similar product suggestions, please send us an enquiry or kindly search for similar products. Thanks!
Don’t sacrifice suitability for precision
  • Correlated flowmeters feature a generic scale—reference flow curves calibrated to a variety of media, temperatures and pressures to get the flow rate│Dual-unit scales for air or water offer flexibility



Extremely accurate—±2% of reading or ±1 scale division, whichever is greater. Flowmeters with micro-sized tubes (models 03210-00, 03210-20, and 03234-50) are accurate to ±5% of reading or ±2% of scale whichever is greater. Computer calibrated flow charts are included for floats used with both air and water at STP. An “R factor” chart and formulas are included to convert scale readings for other gases or liquids or for floats other than glass. Order our flow analysis software below to generate flow charts specific to your individual applications.

Shielded models accept 3/8″ ID tubing (sizes 4 and 5 accept 5/8″ ID tubing). PTFE coupling adapters for unshielded models are not included—order separately.

Specifications & Description

  • Accuracy: 0.05% of Correlated reading
  • Max Pressure (PSI): 50
  • Max Air Flow Rate (mL/min): 137000
  • Max Water Flow Rate (mL/min): 4100
  • Min Flow Rate (mL/min): 3000
  • Max Flow Rate (mL/min): 4100
  • Material Float: Glass or 316 SS
  • Max Operating Temperature (° F): 150
  • Max Operating Temperature (° C): 65
  • Pipe Size: 5
  • Fluid Type: Water
  • Gas Type: Air
  • Media Type: Air
  • Description: Shielded Correlated Flowmeter, Tube Size 5