Heating Tape Grounded 32` 230V


RM 2,771.00


Safe for heating metal vessels
  • Heat to 482F (250C)
  • NOTE: Temperature range has been reduced to meet safety standards



Wind heating tape around glass, ceramic, or metal vessels—grounding prevents shock hazard. Temperature-resistant fiberglass sleeves encase heating element; ground wire at core. The maximum surface loading is 4 watts/sq in. Leads are 31/2″ long with electrical connector at one end. Tapes include ties at both ends.

WARNING: Heating tape should not be overlapped and require the use of a temperature or power controller sold separately.

Specifications & Description

  • Max Temperature (° F): 482
  • Max Temperature (° C): 250
  • Plug Type: No plug
  • Power (VAC): 230
  • Power (watts): 1600
  • Width (in): 1
  • Length (ft): 32
  • Description: Grounded Fiberglass Insulated Heat Tape, 32′ x 1″ , 1600 Watts, 230 V
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