Stirred Cell 76mm (CP/OO/O/P-02910-42)


RM 20,829.00


Increase membrane life and speed sample processing


Use stirred cells for dewatering and concentrating proteins and other biological samples with ultrafiltration membranes. They are also recommended for cellulose membrane filtration of fluids with heavy particle burden. Pressurized air from an external source (70 psi/4.8 bar max) filters sample through the membrane. Use cells with cellulose membranes on or ultrafiltration discs. Magnetic stir rod/bar are mounted to cell top cap and are preset to clear membrane surface. Samples do not touch any metal surfaces.

Cells include a preset safety relief valve for pressure buildup, a 1/2″ NPT(M) cell cap connection, adapters, and pressure tubing. All cells have polyacetal end caps and stir rod, PTFE stir bar, polypropylene support screen, and silicone O-ring.

The 76-mm model has a 1/2″ NPT(M) port for sample loading.

Specifications & Description

  • Reservoir MaterialClear polycarbonate
  • Membrane Diameter (mm)76
  • Filtration Area (cm²)38.5
  • Cell Volume (mL)450
  • Min Recoverable Volume (mL)10
  • Downstream Hold-Up Volume (mL)13
  • Diameter (in)4.625
  • Height (in)8 1/4
  • Diameter (cm)11.7
  • Height (cm)21.1
  • DescriptionStirred Cell; 76mm dia; 450 mL cell capacity; Clear Polycarbonate