Chamberslide Plastic 1Well16pk (CP/OO/O/P-01838-21)

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Ideal for in situ analysis—cells can be cultured, fixed, stained, and viewed on the same microscope slide


Easily perform microscopic analysis of cell cultures using these miniature chamber systems that have removable media chambers. This eliminates the need for cell transfers from a vessel to a slide. The systems consist of a lid for aseptic manipulation, removable polystyrene (PS) media chamber, and a standard 25 x 75 mm slide that functions as the growth substrate.

Choose from either cell-culture treated Permanox® plastic or glass (soda lime) slides. Both are ideal for analysis of fluorescent stained cell cultures as they do not interfere with fluorescent labels. All Chamber Slide systems are presterilized.

Permanox and PS slides are cell-culture treated; glass slides are precleaned to promote cell adhesion and growth. Media chambers are easily removed by hand leaving the slide for further analysis. Chamber and slide are sealed with a nontoxic silicone gasket which can be removed or left in place for reagent incubation. SideFlask and Flaskette systems are great for closed incubation.

Specifications & Description

  • Number of Wells: 1
  • Min Working Well Volume (mL): 2.5
  • Max Working Well Volume (mL): 4.5
  • Material: Permanox®
  • Description: Chamber Slide System, Permanox/1-Well; 16/Pk