Refill Kit F/01418-50 (CP/OO/O/P-01418-60)


RM 626.00



Purifier removes moisture, oil, and impurities from gases before gas analysis. It allows a maximum flow rate of 300 liters/hour and a maximum working pressure of 100 psi. Absorbs up to 25 g of moisture.
Acrylic column has two halves—one half is filled with 250 ml of indicating Drierite desiccant, which produces a terminal dryness of 0.005 mg/liter. The other half is filled with 250 ml of 5 Å molecular sieves to remove trace impurities.
Purifier measures 11-3/8″L x 2-5/8″ dia and has an anodized aluminum cap, 303 stainless steel desiccant supports and coil springs, and an O-ring gasket. Inlet/outlet ports are 316 stainless steel; 1/8″ threaded male connections.

Specifications & Description

  • Description: Refill kit for Gas Purifier, item number 01418-50