Chiller 1/4HP 240V/50Hz (CP/OO/O/P-01283-61)


RM 20,558.00


Quickly chill liquids in beakers, flasks or open baths
  • An economical alternative to dry ice or liquid nitrogen
  • Excellent for trapping applications, freeze drying, and rapidly cooling small volumes of liquids
  • Rigid Coil is 1.5″ in diameter and 4″ in length (overall exposed coil section is 15″ long and hose is 4 feet long)
  • Continuous cooling to temperatures as low as –60°C


immersion probe, 3-ft (0.9-m) of Perbunan®-insulated metal tubing and a 4-1/2-ft (1.4-m), three-wire cord.


All models are designed to run at maximum cooling rate.

These coolers are so easy to use! Just plug it in and immerse the stainless steel probe in up to 3L of your fluid. These chillers are designed for rapid cooling between -60 to -20°C and to run at the maximum cooling rate (not for use with fluids above -20°C).

Specifications & Description

  • Bath Type: Refrgerated Chiller with 15″ L x 1½” OD Immersion Probe
  • Reservoir Capacity (L): 3
  • Max Temperature (° C): -20
  • Min Temperature (° C): -60
  • Cooling Capacity At -30° C (watts): 104
  • Refrigerant: R-502
  • Width (in): 10
  • Length (in): 11
  • Height (in): 9
  • Compressor Horse Power (hp): 1/4
  • Power (VAC): 230
  • Power (Hz): 50
  • Power (amps): 2.5
  • Description: Chiller w/ Immersion Probe, -60 to -20 C, 240V/50Hz