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Thermo Scientific Orion Star T910 pH Titrator with ROSS Sure-Flow electrode and ATC probe


RM 27,524.00


ROSS Sure-Flow pH electrode, ATC probe, stirrer probe, dispenser probe, 20-mL burette, standard tubing kit, 1-L plastic bottle, GL38 bottle cap with desiccant tube, computer cable, literature on USB drive, and 110 to 240 VAC power supply.

Provides dedicated acid-base titrations
Program and save up to 10 user-defined methods
Store up to 100 titration data sets with date/time stamp
Easily transfer data to printer, computer, or USB drive
Minimize downtime with replaceable burettes, tubing, and dispensers
Large easy-to-ready touchscreen display enables fast setup
Perform accurate measurements with ROSS sure-flow pH electrode and ATC probe

The T900 series automated potentiometric titrators feature a state-of-the-art reagent dispensing system designed to simplify your titrations and offer more reliable, reproducible, and faster results then manual titrations. These compact, rugged titrators are simple to use, let you easily navigate live titration analysis, and are ideal for small bench spaces. You can safely run the titrator unattended until titration is completed.

The automated titrant delivery system, featuring a high-accuracy burette and dispenser, provides consistent results every time. Internal data storage maintains titration history, titrant standardizations, electrode calibrations, and direct measurements, all of which can easily be transferred to an external device.

T910 pH Titrator is specially designed for acid-based titrations including titratable acidity of juices and wines, acidity of food products, alkalinity of water, acidity and alkalinity of consumer products, total acid number (TAN), and total base number (TBN). Titration techniques include equivalence point titrations and preset pH or mV endpoint titrations for versatile sample analysis.

Specifications & Description
Units – pH, mV
Display Type – Touchscreen
Min pH (pH) –   -2
Max pH (pH) – 20
pH Resolution – 0.001, 0.01, 0.3
pH Accuracy – ±0.002
Min mV (mV) –   -2000
Max mV (mV) – 2000
mV Resolution – 0.1
mV Accuracy – ±0.2
Min Temperature (° C) –   -5
Max Temperature (° C) – 100
Temperature Resolution – 0.1°F (0.1°C)
Temperature Accuracy – ±0.2°C
Capacity (mL) – 20
Output – USB
Data Logging – Yes
Memory Size – 100 data sets
Power (VAC) – 110 to 240
Power (Hz) – 50/60
Length (in) – 10
Width (in) – 16
Height (in) – 14
Length (cm) – 25.4
Width (cm) – 40.6
Height (cm) – 35.6
Description – pH Titrator with ROSS Sure-Flow electrode and ATC probe; 100 to 240 V