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Test Kit Hardness 20-200PPM


RM 375.00


Includes the Titrettor™ device for precise sample control and instant titrimetric analysis
  • No mess with premeasured reagent ampoules which are inverted after testing to show your results


Perform most tests in three minutes or less—ideal for field or lab use. Repeatable procedure is even straightforward enough for nontechnical personnel. Test kits include all necessary apparatus.
Test kits let you control the amount of sample drawn into the vial. Once a color change occurs, you can check the liquid level in the vial to determine sample concentration in ppm.
Kits can be stored indefinitely (except the calcium hardness test kit, which has a shelf life of 7 months and the chloride test kits, which have a shelf life of 4 months).
What’s included: instructions, all necessary apparatus, and reagent vials for 30 tests. Refill kits contain 30 vials each.

Specifications & Description

  • Test: Hardness, total
  • Measurement Points: 20 to 200 ppm
  • Tests Per Kit: 30
  • Description: Titrimetric Hardness, 20 to 200 ppm, Test Kit s