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Test Kit Chlorine 0-1 1-5


RM 702.00


CHEMets test kits are portable and self-contained
  • Vacuum sealed reagents and handy comparator chart for quick, visual results


CHEMETS colorimetric test kits let you visually compare the color of your sample to standards using a comparator. Just break tip of ampoule in cup (included) filled with sample. Vacuum pulls sample into ampoule automatically; gently swirl to mix. Handy color comparator (included) provides accurate visual analysis. Vacuum packing keeps reagents active indefinitely (see footnotes).
What’s included: a polypropylene case with instructions, all necessary apparatus, and reagent vials for 30 tests (except detergent test kit, which has 20 tests). Refill kits contain 30 vials each (detergent refill kit has 20 vials).

Specifications & Description

  • Test: Chlorine, free and total
  • Measurement Points: 0 to 1 ppm; 1 to 5 ppm
  • Reagent Platform: DPD Method
  • Tests Per Kit: 30
  • Description: Test Kit Chlorine 0 to 1, 1 to 5 ppm Range s