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Stir Bar Egg 1/2in X 1in

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  • Super-strong alnico V magnets remain coupled to drive magnets—resisting spin out at high stirring speeds.
  • One-piece coating of PTFE resists corrosion, heat, and cold.
  • Chemically inert stir bars won’t contaminate the liquid being stirred and are guaranteed to be leakproof.
  • Low-friction PTFE coating ensures smooth spinning and maximum energy transfer.


Egg-shaped stir bars have oval magnets—ideal for use in round-bottom flasks. Shape conforms to flask bottom and ensures complete mixing.

Specifications & Description

  • Length (in): 1
  • Length (cm): 3
  • Diameter (in): 0.5
  • Diameter (cm): 1.27
  • Description: Egg-Shaped Stir Bar, 1″ L x 1/2″ Dia; 1/Pk