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Pump Head L/S Easy-Load-II SS

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No need to stack heads—get two channels in one head
  • New design and automatic tubing retention allow for multiple tubing sizes—change tubing without removing head from drive
  • Four-roller rotor improves pressure performance and mechanical stability while reducing pulsation
  • Compact design for efficient use of space
  • Suitable for use with L/S® Precision pump tubing sizes
  • Rotor is constructed of stainless steel (SS) for enhanced durability


mounting hardware.


The two-channel pump head lets you pump two synchronous flow channels, proper retention requires the use of the same size tubing in each channel. These pump heads accept the six L/S® precision tubing sizes L/S® 13, L/S® 14, L/S® 16, and L/S® 25. Achieve flow rates of 0.06 to 1000 mL/min—flow rate depends on drive rpm and tubing size.

Specifications & Description

  • Pump SeriesL/S
  • Number of Channels2
  • Max Flow Rate (mL/min)2000
  • Min Flow Rate (mL/min)0.0012
  • Max Flow Rate Per Channel (mL/min)1000
  • Min Flow Rate Per Channel (mL/min)0.0012
  • Housing MaterialPolyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
  • Tubing RetentionAutomatic
  • OcclusionFixed
  • Optimum RPM Range (rpm)0.02 to 600
  • RollersFour; stainless steel
  • Rotor MaterialStainless Steel
  • Suction Lift (ft)29
  • Suction Lift (m)8.8
  • Gear Ratio1:1
  • Tubing sizes acceptedL/S® 13, L/S 14, L/S 16, L/S 25
  • Volume Per Revolution With L/S 13 Tubing (mL)0.06
  • Volume Per Revolution With L/S 14 Tubing (mL)0.21
  • Volume Per Revolution With L/S 16 Tubing (mL)0.8
  • Volume Per Revolution With L/S 25 Tubing (mL)1.7
  • Length (in)3.25
  • Width (in)5
  • Height (in)4.75
  • Length (mm)82
  • Width (mm)127
  • Height (mm)121
  • Open-Head SensorNo
  • DescriptionL/S two-channel Easy-Load II pump head, SS rotor.