SKU: CP/OO/O/P-02655-10

Photometer, digital, Dual Flame


RM 104,295.00


Dual channel mode cuts measuring time in half—obtain Na+ and K+ results simultaneously
Send results to a computer or printer with built-in RS-232 interface


one each of Na+, K+, Li+ filters, one each of 1000 ppm Na+, Li+, K+ standards in a 100-mL bottle, two meters each of gas and air tubing with connectors, RS-232 output cable, and a 7-ft power


This digital unit offers improved analytical performance over single-channel flame photometers in the measurement of sodium, potassium, and lithium ions. Features include automatic ignition sequence, lithium internal standard, monitoring and control software, dual-channel display, and independent calibration of each channel. Built-in linearizing software allows sodium measurement up to 40 ppm.
Obtain Na+ and K+ results simultaneously. The lithium internal standard signal reduces fluctuation in flame conditions, drift, and dilution errors—ensures reproducible results and precise measurements. The fully automatic ignition and flame optimization sequences reduce set up and calibration time. An automatic gas shutoff mechanism activates if the flame is accidentally extinguished. Monitoring and control software allow measurements only after blanking and calibration.
Order optional Automatic Dilutor 02657-00 which accurately dilutes your samples and standards; order optional Autosampler 02657-25 for a fully automatic analysis solution for your longer sampling runs.

Specifications & Description

  • Range: Na : 0 to 199.9 ppm; K : 0 to 9.99 ppm; Li : 0 to 9.99 ppm
  • Specificity: <0.5% interference when concentrations are equal to test sample concentrations
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 ppm Na ; K=100 units
  • Linearity: Less than 1%
  • Reproducibility: Less than 0.5% CV
  • Reading Stabilization: Approximately 15 seconds
  • Aspiration Rate: 3 to 6 mL/min
  • Air Supply: 6 L/min at 12 psi; oil and moisture free
  • Display: Dual display; 3.5-digit LED; 12.5 mm (1/2″) H
  • Fuel Supply: High-grade propane/butane, or propane/butane mixture regulated at approximately 30 psi; natural gas – only with single-channel photometer
  • Recorder Output: 0.05 to 5 V (switchable)
  • Height (in): 20
  • Depth (in): 13 1/2
  • Width (in): 15
  • Height (cm): 51
  • Depth (cm): 34.5
  • Width (cm): 39
  • Power (VAC): 120 / 240
  • Power (Hz): 50/60
  • Description: Dual-Channel Flame Photometer 02655-10