SKU: CP/P-86442-16

Parker Hannifin Ultra High Purity Nitrogen Generator, 220 VAC


RM 102,769.00


  • Compact design frees up laboratory space
  • Eliminates need for costly and dangerous high-pressure nitrogen cylinders
  • Offers long-term cost stability

Ultra-high purity (UHP) zero grade nitrogen generator transforms standard compressed air into 99.9999% nitrogen, exceeding the specification of UHP cylinder gas. The units can produce up to 1.1 lpm of UHP nitrogen gas and up to 2.0 lpm of research-grade purity nitrogen gas. A catalyst module is incorporated in the generator to oxidize hydrocarbons from the inlet air supply. Applications include GC carrier and make-up gas and low flow sample concentrators.


  • Delivery Pressure  35 to 85 psig (2.4 to 5.9 barg)
  • Outlet Port  1/8″ NPT (female)
  • Max Flow Rate (mL/min)  1100