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Novasina LabMaster Neo Benchtop Water Activity Meters with Full Temperature Control


RM 117,046.00


calibration standards (11, 33, 58, 75, 84, 97% RH) with storage case, 40 sample dishes with dish dispenser, prefilter, RS-232 interface cable, USB cable, software, external universal power supply, and calibration document (6 points) supplied by the manufacturer.

These precision laboratory meters determine the amount of water activity (Aw) in samples such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Tightly controlled chamber temperature ensures consistent and reproducible measurement in as fast as 5 minutes. Meters use the noncontact infrared technology and a maintenance-free Aw sensor designed to measure almost any kind of sample in almost any physical state—powders, gels, liquids, pastes, and solids. Use the optional filters to accurately measure samples with critical additives such as alcohol, acids, bases, and chlorine.

A large illuminated graphic LCD with intuitive menu structure displays all measurements including water activity (Aw), temperature, and stability. Password protection and administrator rights provide increased security with multiple users and comply with 21CFR 11 audit trail guidelines. Data is recorded internally and can be exported to a printer or PC through the RS-232 or USB interfaces. Advanced software (included) lets you easily analyze the information on your PC.

The unique Aw sensor is designed to be field calibrated after multiple uses and houses the calibration data in onboard nonvolatile memory. The reusable standards, if kept closed in the supplied airtight container, can last several years, saving on overall operating costs. The sensor is easy to replace when it reaches its end of life and can no longer be calibrated using salt standards.


Length (“) 16
Aw Measuring Principle Resistive, electrolytic
Aw Measuring Range (Min) (aw) 0.03
Aw Measuring Range (Max) (aw) 1
Aw Measuring Accuracy (aw) ±0.0030 Aw from 0.0400 to 1.0000 Aw
Aw Temperature Accuracy ±0.2°C
Aw Salt Standard Kit Included
Min Temperature (° F) 32
Min Temperature (° C) 0
Max Temperature (° F) 140
Max Temperature (° C) 60
Temperature accuracy ±0.2°C
Display Type 7” capacitive touchscreen
Output USB, RS-232
Power (VAC) 100 to 260