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Mixer Air 50-1200RPM 1/3HP


RM 6,446.00


Safely use these air-drive mixers whenever electrical power is hazardous or impractical. Ideal for mixing solvents, lacquers, and volatile chemicals without the possibility of spark ignition.


Explosion proof mixers are a no-brainer when working in hazardous environments. Distilleries, refineries, and many other plants often seek explosion proof mixers for their applications. The hazards they face are real, both physical and chemical in many cases. Mixers are also a common sight in these liquid processing facilities. Putting these together, these environments require mixers with hazardous duty ratings to prove they will not create an explosion hazard. Adding in the viscosity concerns and batch sizes common to most industrial processes, a high-torque gear-drive hazardous-duty gear-drive mixer is the most common and preferred solution to mixing needs. Choosing explosion proof mixers for industrial applications is one of the most difficult engineering challenges. It is part science and part art. Consideration must be made for: viscosity, specific gravity, temperature, speed, timing, material compatibility, particulates, tank type, size, and dimensions, mission, and compliance. Our experience, training, and relationships enable us to solve your industrial mixer challenge from the R&D bench to the production floor. If you have questions about explosion proof mixers contact an Application Specialist today.

Includes: 316 SS paddle assembly (3⁄8″ dia x 12″L [10 mm dia x 305 mm L] shaft with 21⁄2″ [64 mm] dia propeller), collet, 10″L x 9⁄16″ dia (254 mm L x 14 mm dia) mounting rod, muffler, needle valve, and 4-ft (1.2-m) L air hose with fittings.

Specifications & Description

  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Min Speed (rpm): 50
  • Max Speed (rpm): 1200
  • Max Torque (in-oz): 288
  • Motor hp: 1/3
  • Description: Low-cost, gear-drive air motor mixer with steel gears; 50-1200 rpm