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LabSwift Portable Activity Water Instrument


RM 39,382.00


■Portable Aw measurement that is quick and easy to perform
■Innovative infrared sample temperature measurement
■Data logger function with SD card interface
■Test and field calibration functions
■Sensor filters protect against contamination and errors
■Spring-loaded sealed measurement chamber

The LabSwift is a portable precision measuring device for the determination of the water activity (Aw) in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Unit uses the latest noncontact infrared sampling technology and a maintenance-free Aw sensor designed to measure almost any kind of samples in almost any physical state—powders, gels, liquids, pastes, and solids. Use the optional filters to accurately measure samples with critical additives such as alcohol, acids, bases, and chlorine.

A large LCD with intuitive menu structure displays water activity (Aw), temperature, and stability. Data is recorded onto a standard SD memory card instead of a built-in memory; the advantage being that when the memory is full, the SD card can be simply changed out for unlimited data storage. Data is provided in Excel® formate, allowing you to easily analyze the information. Optional software is available for advanced data analysis.

The unique Aw sensor is designed to be field calibrated after multiple uses. The reusable standards, if kept closed in the supplied airtight container, can last several years, saving on overall operating costs. The sensor can also be easily replaced when it is no longer performing to factory specifications—it is the sensor which holds all the factory-calibrated values within it, allowing the unit to be within calibration.

Operate the meter from either the integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery or AC line voltage, making it ideal for use on the production line or in the lab.

What’s Included:
calibration standards (11, 58, 84% RH), 40 sample dishes, 5 prefilters, SD card, tension ring, hard carrying case, external universal power supply, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and calibration document (6 points) supplied by the manufacturer.

Measurement Type Pinless
Aw Measuring Principle Resistive Electrolytic Measurement
Aw Measuring Range (aw) 0.03 – 1.0
Aw Meauring Accuracy (aw) 0.01
Aw Temperature Range Ambient
Aw Measuring Chamber Ambient chamber
Aw Temperature Solution 0.1
Resolution 0.001Aw
Alarm y
Display y
Datalogging y
Computer Output SD card slot
Power 90-260 VAC
Dimensions (W x H x D) 17x14x5
CE Compliance CE