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Jenway 7206 Genova Bio UV/Visible 72 Series Diode Array Scanning Spectrophotometer


RM 29,797.00


Micro-cuvette holder, USB memory stick, and power adapter with three plugs (US, EU, and UK).

Simultaneous measurement of all wavelengths increases productivity, scan time as short as 3 seconds
Multiple measurement modes for broad application compatibility
Color touch screen and user-friendly interface make setup easy
Preprogrammed for DNA, RNA and protein analysis
Simple and easy-to-use at an affordable price
Narrow spectral bandwidth of 3 nm identifies peaks for determining nucleic acid purity
Dedicated to life science applications

Specifications & Description
Stray Light <1% according to ANSI/ASTM E387-72
Source Lamp Xenon
Bandwidth 3 nm
Min Wavelength (nm) 198
Max Wavelength (nm) 800
Wavelength Noise ±0.002 A at 0.04 A, ±0.02 A at 2.0 A and 546 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±2 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility ±2 nm
Pathlength (mm) 10 to 100
Min Photometric – Absorbance (A) -0.3
Max Photometric – Absorbance (A) 2.5
Photometric Noise ±0.002 A at 0.04 APhotometric Drift±0.005 A/h at 0.04 A and 546 nm after 60 min.
Photometric Accuracy ±0.01 A at 1.0 A and 546 nm
Detector Diode Array
Concentration ±2500
Output USB
Display Type Touch screen LCD
Width (cm) 21.2
Height (cm) 12
Depth (cm) 42.2
Power (VDC) 12
Power (VAC) 100 to 240
Power (Hz) 50/60 Hz