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Inverted Binocular Microscope


RM 24,949.00


centering telescope; blue, green, and neutral density filters; vinyl dust cover, and power cord.

The working distance of these inverted microscopes is ample for larger culture vessels with or without the 0.30 N.A. condenser attached. The precentered system features a removable condenser allowing for flasks and Petri dishes as high as 184 mm to be accommodated on the stage.

The included CCIS phase Plan achromatic objectives coupled with the phase slider provides outstanding contrast images for even the most demanding applications. Semi-circular hole in the glass and metal stage inserts makes changing objectives easy without having to take the specimen off the stage.

Infrared sensor turns the microscope off after 15 minutes to save power when the “auto” mode is selected. Microscopes also feature a phase slider, coarse and fine focusing system with tension adjustment, and eyepieces inclined at 45°.

Specifications & Description
Magnification – 40x/100x/200x
Maximum Magnification – 200x
Head Configuration – Binocular
Working Distance – 72 mm with condenser, 184 mm without condenser
Objectives – Plan phase
Eyepiece Diameter (mm) – 20
Eyepiece Magnification – 10x
Interpupillary Distance – 48 to 75 mm
Eyepieces – Widefield
Field of View – 20 mm
Stage Dimensions – 200 x 239 mm
Illuminator(s) – Halogen, 30 W
Power (VAC) – 100 to 240
Description – Inverted Microscope, Binocular head