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Incubator Shaker Large Cool 230V


RM 39,681.00


Shaker and incubator combination makes these ideal for cell culture procedures
– Microprocessor controlled shaking speed ensures accuracy
– Forced air circulation ensures uniform temperature inside the chamber
– Easily set and view temperature and speed on the digital display
– Unique retractable platform offers easy loading and unloading

These shaking incubators provide an orbital shaking motion to ensure even mixing while promoting bacterial growth. All models feature a timer which can be set from 1 second to 9 days. Once the timer has counted down, an alarm will sound and the shaking action will stop while the incubator will continue to run. The retractable platform allows easy access to the samples at the back of the incubator yet securely locks in place during operation. Built-in USB connection and dedicated software allow long-term monitoring of the incubator temperature via a PC. Order models with IQ/OQ (Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification) documentation to help you comply with regulatory agency requirements.

Specifications & Description
Orbit Size (in) – 0.625
Orbit Size (mm) – 16
Min Speed (rpm) – 30
Max Speed (rpm) – 300
Platform Length (in) – 20.875
Platform Width (in) – 15.75
Platform Length (cm) – 52.6
Platform Width (cm) – 39
Width (in) – 24.5
Height (in) – 15.5
Depth (in) – 18.25
Width (cm) – 62.3
Height (cm) – 39.5
Depth (cm) – 46.5
Max Operating Temperature (° F) – 140
Max Operating Temperature (° C) – 60
Timer – Yes
Timer Range – 1 second to 9 days
Power (VAC) – 230
Power (Hz) – 50
Description – Large Capacity Refrigerated Shaking Incubator, 115 L capacity, 230 V