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Flters Gas/Liquid Nylon 5/pk


RM 1,824.00


Choose opaque KYNAR® PVDF for the best chemical compatibility or transparent nylon for lower cost


Filter gases or liquids with these microfiber filters. All models have a borosilicate glass filter membrane. See table below for applications and efficiency ratings. Liquid efficiency ratings are 98% of retention of particles of noted size; gas efficiency ratings are percentage retention of 0.01µm particles.

Max differential pressure for all filters is 40 psi (60 psi for 0.01 µm units).

Max temperature at 0 psi: nylon is 230°F; stainless steel & KYNAR PVDF are 250°F

Specifications & Description

  • Membrane Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Housing Material: Nylon
  • Ports: 1/4″ OD
  • Gas Efficiency (%): 98
  • Liquid Efficiency (µm): 8
  • Typical Water Flow Rate: at 1 psi pressure drop: 10 GPH; at 5 psi pressure drop: 25 GPH
  • Air Flow Rate: at 2 psi drop at 2psi: 1.0 scfm; 60psi: 125 scfm; 100 psi: 6.9 scfm
  • Max Operating Temperature (° C): 110
  • Max Operating Temperature (° F): 230
  • Max Pressure (PSI): 125
  • Max Pressure: 8.5
  • Description: Disposable In-Line Gas/Liquid Filters; Nylon; liquid efficiency, 8µ; 5/pack