SKU: CP/OO/O/P-06730-52

Filter Holder W/Receiver 500ml


RM 2,593.00


Polysulfone (PSF) filter holders have an upper chamber with either a receiver or funnel. Choose from 250- or 500-mL upper chambers and either 250-, 500-, or 1000-mL receivers (all are graduated in 50-mL increments). Holders accept 47- and 50-mm diameter membranes.

Supplied with two types of membrane supports. Use the sterilization membrane support for fast flow through; use the analytical support to keep the membrane perfectly flat for the analysis of trapped particles. Receivers with covers are available separately to increase your storage capacity (see table).
Transparent polysulfone (PSF) is autoclavable, break-resistant, and nontoxic. PSF exhibits low protein binding and contains low levels of trace metals and organic leachables.

Use holders for vacuum or pressure filtration up to 10 psig. All ports accept 1/4″ to 5/16″ ID pressure tubing. Funnel models have vacuum gaskets to fit filtering flasks.