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Get precision measurements of virtually any sample
  • Great for applications where rough handling and breakage are a problem
  • Use in conjunction with a separate reference electrode


Electrodes combine the Sure-Flow easy-clean junction with the speed, accuracy, and stability of Ross electrodes.
When filled with Orion 05730-39 and 05730-40 fill solutions. The Orion 05710-10 matches the potential characteristics of a conventional KCl saturated calomel electrode, with the added no-clog and stable features of a double-junction probe.

Reference electrode Orion 05710-10 is recommended for all pH and ion-selective measurements including:

In dilute solutions where the ion to be measured is contained in the filling solution of the Orion 05710-01

In solutions where an ion in the filling solution would introduce an electrode interference.

Specifications & Description

  • Applications: Half cell, reference
  • Electrode Type: Double junction
  • Electrode Body Material: Epoxy
  • Reference Junction: Sure-flow
  • Reference Electrolyte: Ag/AgCl
  • Min pH (pH): 0
  • Max pH (pH): 14
  • Connector: Pin-tip (U.S. standard)
  • Diameter (mm): 13
  • Length (mm): 110
  • Cable Length (m): 1
  • Description: Sure-Flow Reference ISE Electrode, DJ; Pin