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Electrode High-Performance Ammonia BNC


RM 7,858.00


Designed to meet the demanding needs of both drinking water and wastewater applications
  • Compliant with EPA testing method for ammonia measurement
  • Saves time to help make your lab more efficient
  • EPA-approved for ISE methods for analysis of wastewater


20 replacement membranes, preassembled electrode body with membrane, 60-mL of filling solution, and 1-m cable with BNC connector.


This Orion high performance ammonia electrode is extremely durable with a chemical-resistant translucent body. The easy-to-fill electrode comes marked with a fill line to avoid overfilling and allows you to monitor the fill solution level without disassembling the electrode. Membrane replacement options include cost-saving loose membranes or preassembled electrode body with membrane for the convenience of not having to install your own membrane.

Specifications & Description

  • Applications: High performance
  • Electrode Type: Gas sensing
  • Electrode Body Material: Translucent plastic
  • Reference Electrolyte: Ammonia electrode filling solution 05722-22
  • Connector: BNC
  • Description: ISE electrode, Hi-Performance Ammonia, BNC