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Electrode Carbon Dioxide BNC


RM 9,212.00


Orion-designed for optimum performance and the most comprehensive ISE selection


Combination Ion-Selective Electrodes are easier to use than reference and half-cells—eliminating fumbling and tangles from multiple cables. Sure-flow® technology provides stable, reproducible results. The easy-to-clean design reduces the risk of inaccurate readings due to clogging of the reference junction.

All electrodes include a BNC connector, a 3-ft cable, and manual. Complete systems require-the purchase of a standardizing solution, filling solution for the reference electrode, ionic strength adjustor, and pH adjusters.

Chloride, cyanide, Sulfide, nitrate, and fluoride are approved for EPA methods for analysis of wastewater and for NPDES permitting.

Specifications & Description

  • Electrode Type: Membrane
  • Reference Junction: ROSS
  • Reference Electrolyte: Fill Solution for Carbon Dioxide ISE
  • Ion-Selective Electrode: Carbon dioxide/Carbonate
  • Min pH (pH): 4.8
  • Max pH (pH): 5.2
  • Min Temperature (° C): 0
  • Max Temperature (° C): 50
  • Connector: BNC (waterproof when used with Thermo Scientific Orion Star Series meters)
  • Description: ISE Electrode; Carbon Dioxide/Carbonate