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Dye Blue 200 Tablets


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Determine water flow in closed circuits or open channels
  • Biodegradable and nontoxic
  • Blue dye brightens ponds



Dyes diffuse rapidly in water, producing a vivid, easy-to-see color. Excellent for identifying diffusion and dispersion patterns, rates of flow, discharge locations, seepage areas, sea marking, and more. Use blue dye to brighten murky ponds and other landscaped waters.

Minimum detectable concentration of all dyes in clear water is 1 ppm. Available in tablets, liquid, or powder. Quick dissolving tablets are easy to handling with less mess than other forms. They are perfect for applications such as storm lines, cooling and plumbing systems, and sewer lines. Choose liquid for applications such as metered input, flow/dilution/disperation rate assessment, septic inspections, or fluoremetric dye tests. Powder is well-suited for large applications where liquid is undesirable such a cooling towers, lakes, rivers, and ponds, or power plant piping.

Specifications & Description

  • Reagent PlatformTablet
  • Gallons Of Water For 1 ppm (Gal)20
  • Tests Per Kit200
  • DescriptionBlue Dye Tablets, 200 Tablets