Digi-Sense Digital Multimeter with Thermal Imager and Bluetooth Connectivity


RM 3,737.00


View, store, and share real-time data from a safe distance on your smartphone
  • Get the most out of your data with our user-friendly mobile app
  • Unlimited data storage based on smart device capacity
  • Reliable measurements, guaranteed! Precalibrated to NIST-traceable standards
  • Built-in thermal imager quickly identifies hot spots
  • Rugged double-molded housing provides increased durability
  • Select from four color palettes: iron, rainbow, grey, or grey inverted
  • View measurements clearly on 6000-count TFT color LCD
  • Tilt stand offers easy hands-free viewing
  • IP65 waterproof rated
  • CAT IV-600 V, CAT III-1000 V safety rating


Test leads, type K temperature probe, carrying case, AC power adapter/charger, rechargeable Li-ion battery, and NIST-traceable calibration.


Using our free Digi-Sense D/S T-View app, this True RMS digital multimeter with Bluetooth® technology allows you to transmit data directly to your Android or iOS device. Now you can view data at a safe distance from dangerous equipment or hazardous locations and even use your smart device as a real-time secondary display for checking measurements, eliminating the need to write down readings on paper. The results are automatically stored in the app with a date-and-time stamp and can be saved as a CSV file and emailed for future reference, manipulation, or analysis to help determine trends and conditions over a long period of time. Use the app to attach photos and notes to the records creating a clear reference point for your work—ideal for record keeping at large sites. Note, only electrical data can be transmitted to mobile device.

The 80 x 80 (6400 pixels) thermal imager with Max, Min and Center crosshair targeting helps you pinpoint hot spots quickly and more efficiently without contact. Thermal imager has a temperature range of -4 to 500°F (-20 to 260°C) with ±5.4°F (±3°C) or ±3% reading accuracy.

The compact, handheld digital multimeter provides fast A/D converting sampling time (10 times/second), high accuracy with datalogging and trend capture features. It measures AC, AC+DC TRMS voltage, DC voltage, AC, AC+DC TRMS current, DC current, flexible coil current, resistance, frequency, and capacitance. Special functions include peak capture, auto ranging, data Hold, Max/Min/average readings with time stamp, diode test, continuity check, relative mode, duty cycle, low-battery indication, and auto power-off. Meter accepts test leads (included), type K temperature probe (included), and flexible coil.

Specifications & Description

  • DC Min (Volts): 0.6
  • DC Max (Volts): 1000
  • DC Voltage Accuracy: ±0.9% rdg ±5 digits
  • DC Min (amps): 0.0006
  • DC Max (amps): 10
  • DC Current Accuracy: ±0.9% rdg ±5 digits
  • AC Min (Volts): 6
  • AC Max (Volts): 1000
  • Ac Voltage Accuracy: ±0.8% rdg ±5 digits
  • AC Min (amps): 0.0006
  • AC Max (amps): 10
  • AC Current Accuracy: ±1.2% rdg ±5 digits
  • Resistance Max (Ω): 600
  • Resistance Min (MΩ): 60
  • Capacitance Min (nF): 6000000
  • Capacitance Max (nF): 60
  • Capacitance Accuracy: ±2.5% rdg ±20 digits
  • Frequency Max (Hz): 60
  • Frequency Min (MHz): 10
  • Frequency Accuracy: ±0.9% ±5 digits
  • Resistivity Accuracy: ±0.5% rdg ±5 digits
  • Continuity: Yes
  • Diode Tester: Yes
  • Duty Cycle: Yes
  • True Rms: Yes
  • Min Temperature (° F): -40
  • Max Temperature (° F): 1800
  • Min Temperature (° C): -40
  • Max Temperature (° C): 600
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.5% rdg ±5.4°F (±1.5% rdg ±3°C)
  • Count: 6000
  • Display: TFT color LCD
  • Memory: Unlimited data storage based on smart device capacity
  • Measurement: Min/Max/Avg
  • Safety Rating: CAT IV-600 V, CAT III-1000 V
  • Power: Rechargeable Li-ion battery and AC power adapter (included)
  • Width (in): 3
  • Length (in): 7
  • Height (in): 2
  • Width (cm): 8.5
  • Length (cm): 17.5
  • Height (cm): 5.5
  • Description: Digital Multimeter with Infrared Thermometer and Bluetooth®