SKU: CP/OO/O/P-05094-50

Cryo-Storage System 8-Rack


RM 71,058.00


Store samples up to 185 days without replenishing LN2
  • Compact size stores up to 3600 samples
  • Advanced vacuum insulation minimizes liquid nitrogen evaporation


Find the sample you need quickly and efficiently! All Thermo Scientific Locator® systems feature a double-walled, vacuum insulated vessel with a narrow-mouth neck that keeps liquid nitrogen losses to a minimum. Stainless steel racks fit snugly against the wall of the Thermo Scientific Locator® system to hold multiple racks. The rack handles rest in numbered slots for easy identification and retrieval. Each rack has individual storage locations for cryogenic boxes.

Use Thermo Scientific Locator® Jr. system (model 05094-60) to fit in tight spaces – this scaled-down version is only 26″ in height! Thermo Scientific Locator® Jr. system holds four racks; each rack holds four 5-1/4″ square cryogenic boxes. Select Locator 4 system (model 05094-40) to hold up to four racks; each rack holds nine 51⁄4″ (13.3 cm) square cryogenic boxes. The Locator 8 system (model 05094-50) holds up to eight racks; each rack holds nine 3″ (7.6 cm) square cryogenic boxes.

Order optional roller cart to easily transport your Locator system.

The Locator alarm alerts you to low liquid nitrogen level.

Specifications & Description

  • Volume (Liters): 111
  • Outside Diameter (OD) (in): 22
  • Outside Diameter (OD) (cm): 55.9
  • Static Holding Time (days): 185
  • Evaporation (Liters/day): 0.6
  • Tubes Held: 1800
  • Height (in): 37 1/2
  • Height (cm): 95.2
  • Description: 8 Cryobiological Inventory Systems