Cole-Parmer Stereozoom Trinocular Microscope, 50x max magnification, 110-220 VAC


RM 10,369.00


frosted stage plate, black and white stage plate, eyeshields, dust cover, and power cord with US plug.

LED illumination creates less heat and uses minimal energy
– Wide magnification range from 7.5x to 50x

Larger working area is ideal for large objects and gives you room to work when dissecting. LED illumination creates little heat – ideal for temperature sensitive samples. Features top and bottom illumination with rheostat control to ensure clean image views. Inclined viewing head and interpupillary adjustment create a comfortable viewing experience. Objective lenses are high-resolution, achromatic, color-corrected, parfocalled, and parcentered.

Specifications & Description
Magnification – 7.5x to 50x
Maximum Magnification – 50x
Head Configuration – Trinocular
Working Distance – 113 mm
Objectives – 0.75x to 5x
Eyepiece Magnification – 10x
Interpupillary Distance – 55 to 75 mm
Eyepieces – Widefield
Field of View – 30.7 to 4.6 mm
Illuminator(s) – LED, top and bottom
Power (VAC) – 100 to 240
Power (Hz) – 50/60
Description – Stereozoom Trinocular Microscope, 50x max magnification, 110-220 VAC