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Cole-Parmer A100 Adjustable-Volume Pipettor, 0.1 to 2.5 uL

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Limited Stock

  • Fully autoclavable with enhanced UV resistance
  • Ergonomic, comfortable, and light weight
  • Superior accuracy and precision
  • Locking counter prevents accidental volume fluctuations
  • Easily identify your pipette using detachable color-coded drops
  • Reverse pipetting option ensures accurate, precise aspirating and dispensing of viscous liquids
  • Calibration stability guarantees accuracy of dispense volume even after multiple autoclaving and pipetting
  • Enhanced UV resistance provides added protection from biohazardous elements
  • Universal tip compatibility to use with wide range of tips up to 1000μL
  • Meets DIN EN ISO 8655 standard

Pipettor, calibration/disassembling tool, color coding drops and remover tool, silicon grease, and sample tips


Autoclavable Yes
Max Volume (µL) 2.5
Min Volume (µL) 0.1
Increments (µL) 0.1
Accuracy (%) ±2.5
Precision (%) ±1.60
Number Of Channels 1
Tip Ejector Yes
Color Code Yes