SKU: CP/P-06041-32

Burkle 5315-0100 Dip sampler, plunging siphon, 25 mm x 100 cm, 280 mL


RM 602.00


Simple and safe removal of liquid samples
  • Contamination-free sampling
  • Transparent PP plastic for better visibility
  • Single-handed valve operation makes multilayer and single-point sampling easy
  • Ultrasmooth surface prevents sample, residue, and dirt accumulation


Plunging siphon.


The dip samplers with plunging siphon provide simple removal of liquid samples from multiple layers or targeted zones. The transparent polypropylene (PP) samplers offer excellent viewing of samples. The reflux valve at the top of the tube and ball valve at the lower end allow you to easily open and close the sampler with one hand.
To retrieve multilayer samples, simply insert dip sampler slowly into the liquid with valve open. When desired sample is collected, close valve and pull sampler out. For targeted samples, insert the sampler with the valve closed. Once you have reached your targeted area, open the valve to let liquid flow into sampler. Close valve and pull sampler out.

Specifications & Description

  • Material: PP
  • Color: Transparent
  • Volume (mL): 280
  • Length (in): 39.375
  • Diameter (in): 1
  • Length (cm): 100
  • Diameter (cm): 2.5
  • Description: Dip Sampler, Plunging Siphon, 2.5 cm x 100 cm; 280 mL