BD-S 115- 230V, Solid.Line incubators with natural convection, 118L, 50Hz (BN/9090-0022)

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Limited Stock (1)

The new products in the Solid.Line impress with their tried-and-tested BINDER quality and reliability. They are suited to incubation. The attributes of the
Solid.Line are geared towards the application in question and therefore used in research and quality assurance.

• Easy handling
• Accurate temperature control
• Simple and ergonomic door opening

• Temperature range: +5 °C above ambient temperature to +70 °C
• APT.line™ preheating chamber technology
• Natural convection
• Adjustable exhaust air flap
• Controller with timer function
• Inner door made of tempered safety glass
• 1 chrome-plated rack, incl. shelf supports
• Class 3.1 integrated independent temperature safety device (DIN 12880)
with visual alarm