FED 260-230V, Drying and heating chambers Avantgarde.Line with forced convection and (BN/9010-0299)


RM 23,160.00


BINDER heating chambers of the FED Avantgarde.Line series provide almost unlimited capacity and are particularly adaptable. With advanced timing functions
and a controllable fan, temperature and convection conditions are easily controlled.

• Best energy eciency on the market
• Excellent temporal and spatial temperature accuracy
• USB connection for recording data
• Temperature range up to 300 °C

• Temperature range: +10 °C above ambient temperature to +300 °C
• Up to 30% lower energy consumption compared to conventional units on
the market
• High temperature accuracy thanks to APT.line™ technology
• Adjustable fan speed
• Controller with LCD display and enhanced time functions
• Electromechanical control of the exhaust air flap
• 2 chrome-plated racks
• Class 2 integrated independent adjustable temperature safety device
(DIN 12880) with visual alarm
• Ergonomic handle design
• Ethernet interface
• USB port for recording data