YourTaq Direct-Load PCR Mix, 2x, 200 rxn of 50 µl (Store In Freezer : -20 Deg C) (BB/BR0102301)

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Limited Stock (2)

2X YourTaq™ Direct-Load PCR Master Mix


  • Exceptionally pure YourTaq DNA Polymerase
  • Optimized Master Mix for increased yield of amplification and direct loading on the gel
  • Resistant to PCR inhibitor carry-over
  • Excellent PCR specificity and sensitivity for a broad range of amplicons


  • Routine and demanding PCR amplification up to 3 kb
  • Suitable for amplification of low target copy number
  • TA cloning

biotechrabbit™ YourTaq Direct-Load PCR Mix is optimized for high yield of amplification of 0.1–3 kb DNA targets, even from low copy number. YourTaq Hot Start PCR Mix shows excellent PCR specificity and sensitivity for a broad range of amplicons. The mix is resistant to PCR inhibitors, such as blood (up to 20%), Ethanol or humic acid enabling PCR amplification from DNA templates with carry-over of PCR-inhibitors.

The 2× YourTaq Direct-Load PCR Mix contains pure biotechrabbit YourTaq DNA Polymerase, extremely high-quality dNTPs, two dyes (blue and yellow) that separate during electrophoresis, allowing migration progress to be monitored, and sufficient buffer density for direct loading onto agarose gels. In addition, the mix is suitable for amplification of GC-rich templates (up to 70%) pairing with 5× PCR Enhancer (BR1900201).

Info: Recommended annealing temperature is 2°C above primer Tm (use gradient PCR to optimize the annealing temperature).